Normit food, S.R.O.

Brigádnická 38 , Bratislava 841 10, Slovakia
Pezinska 5104, 901 01 Malacky, Slovakia
Normit Food, project Manager
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Business activities

Normit company designs and manufacturers a wide range of food processing equipment for the food industry, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. Our food processing machinery factory is based in Eu, Slovakia. We design custom made diary equipment, continuous fryers, cooking equipment, homogenizers, vacuum fryers, industrial food mixing machines, honey creaming machines, fruit processing equipment, meat processing machinery and many others.

Машиностроительная компания Normit серийно производит широкий спектр технологического оборудования для пищевой, фармацевтической, косметической, химической, строительной и других видов промышленности.

The company was founded in 1998.
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